Tamed Tailwheel Blend Coffee


Indulge in the fearless spirit of aviation with our Tailwheel Blend, carefully procured and roasted by pilots for pilots! If you haven’t earned your tailwheel endorsement yet, it might be time to work on manning up. But until then, grab yourself a cup of our Tailwheel Blend – it’s the finest Arabica coffee on the planet, boasting an aromatic profile with hints of nut, cocoa, and floral flavors, ending on a bright note.

Most tailwheel pilots already swear by it, so you know you’re in good company. However, if it’s a windy day outside, you might want to think twice – this blend might be too bold for some. Stay safe and consider joining the “okay” pilots over at the Starbuckeroo. – LaRosa






12oz. Bag

You know that crap they sell at the supermarket?… this ain’t it!

100% Highest Quality Arabica Coffee

Better grab yourself a man sized FTC Coffee Mug while you’re here!  They’re kinda heavy, so if you gotta limp biscuit, I’m sure they got something more appropriate for you down at the Starbuckeroo.

CoffeeCoffea arabica (/əˈræbɪkə/), also known as the Arabian coffee, is a species of Coffea. It is believed to be the first species of coffee to be cultivated, and is currently the dominant cultivar, representing about 60% of global production.[2] Coffee produced from the (less acidic, more bitter, and more highly caffeinated) robusta bean (C. canephora) makes up most of the remaining coffee production. Arabica coffee originates from Ethiopia and was first cultivated in Yemen, and documented by the 12th century.[3][4] Coffea arabica is called ‏بُنّ‎ (būnn) in Arabic, borrowed from the Oromo “Buna”.



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Weight .75 lbs
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