Slick Stick Waterless Airplane Wash



SLICK STICK AIRPLANE WASH is a specially formulated  WATERLESS wash product that leaves an extremely SLICK PROTECTIVE COATING on your airplane without water.  Special SLICKSTICK agents safely encapsulate dirt and contaminants, allowing for their removal without scratching.


Slick Stick Waterless Airplane Wash is GREAT for cleaning bugged up plastic and glass windshields too!

Slick Stick Waterless Airplane Wash  REMOVES dirt, grease, exhaust and bird poop without scratching!

Slick Stick leaves a SUPER SLICK non-stick surface that helps surfaces stay cleaner longer.

“Slicker than snot on a wet tatter peal…”  – LaRosa



1 Quart Spray Bottle

SLICK STICK WATERLESS AIRPLANE WASH is designed to be efficient.

  • For normal aircraft surfaces that are only dusty like the top and bottom of the wing tend to be. Lightly mist SLICK STICK WATERLESS AIRPLANE WASH onto the surface, then lightly buff.  You’ll find that the SUPER SLICK FINISH comes really quickly.  Spraying too much will only waste product and create more buffing for you.  – “I’d prefer them to use tons of it, and buff like crazy….” – LaRosa
  • For heavily bugged areas, here’s the insider’s hack!  BULLSPIT AIRPLANE EXHAUST AND SOOT REMOVER works fantastic for a bug remover.  DO NOT LET IT DRY.  Just spray BULLSPIT on the leading edge and let it soak for a few seconds *DO NOT LET IT DRY.  Work in 3 foot sections. Soak the 3 foot area ahead of you too.  As you clean the area you’re working on, BULLSPIT AIRPLANE EXHAUST AND SOOT REMOVER will be breaking down the bugs ahead of you.  Then use an old cotton bath towel to work the bugs off.  Old cotton bath towels tend to be a little more abrasive and aid in the bug removal.  Then lightly apply SLICK STICK WATERLESS AIRPLANE WASH with a clean fiber towel to buff to a SUPER SLICK FINISH.  “I use the cotton diapers my mom used to put around my butt….” – LaRosa
  • For heavily bugged windshields, wet generously with SLICK STICK WATERLESS AIRPLANE WASH and let it soak a few seconds.  DO NOT use the old cotton towel, it will scratch your windshield!  Only use the microfiber towel and carefully work the bugs off.  Then use a clean microfiber towel to buff to a SUPER SLICK FINISH.  “Back in the day, we just used paper towels and crap that turned your windshield yellow….” – LaRosa
  • For bird crap, wet generously with SLICK STICK WATERLESS AIRPLANE WASH and let it soak for one minute.  Gently wipe off with cotton towel, repeat until it’s all removed.  RESIST the urge to scrub it, this will damage your paint.  Just keep repeating until it melts enough to be easily removed.
  • For heavy oil and soot build up on the lower cowling and belly, you’re going to want to use BELLY BUSTER AIRPLANE DEGREASER and BULLSPIT AIRPLANE SOOT REMOVER!  Or you can just use some avgas like an idiot..

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 3.5 × 3.5 in


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