Beautiful Piper Cub Neon Sign by LaRosa


Handmade by LaRosa



Beautiful Piper Cub Neon Sign by LaRosa

I don’t think anyone ever produced these.  They are my own artistic creation.  They are hand built from 6″ C Purlin and 1/8″ steel plate and are approximately 4′ x 4′ and weigh about 60 pounds. They are primed, then the yellow paint goes on, then the red, the black, and finally the white lettering.  Each color is a high quality single stage automotive paint.  There’s no vinyl lettering, it’s all paint.  The iconic Piper Cub Bear is hand painted by myself, using acrylics.  The entire piece is then clear coated.  The final step is the addition of the classic glass neon tubes.  The neon tubes are hand crafted and installed by veteran neon artist David Cooper in Wolfforth, Texas and come with a lifetime guarantee. – LaRosa

The perfect addition to your mancave, hangar, or garage. Allow 30 days for manufacturing.  Buyer responsible for shipping.  LaRosa will help arrange and crate.


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